Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sunny Side Grab Bag, Page 1

The best way to start this blog, I believe, will be to do a short intro of what I am going to be writing, why I am writing it and other sundry things that may come to mind. As you can see by the title, Sunny Side Grab Bag, this will be a site devoted to my random thoughts, whims and ideas as they come to mind. I will invite comments and replies to whatever I write, but please be prepared to accept the response I post back to you and those of the others who will grace this blog with their presence. This is going to be one of two or three blogs I plan on posting this year, and this is the site I will be the most scattered in my topics and people to whom I grant access. I will also be very grateful for grammatical corrections, as well, owing to the fact that part of the reason I am doing this is to exercise my writing skills.

I am going to be writing, and sometimes soliciting opinions, on topics ranging from religion to politics, family, sex, work, current affairs and everything in between. But please keep that in mind as you visit my blog- it is an adult blog with adult themes and adult responders. Please do not post something controversial if you are not prepared to back it up, stand by your feelings/thoughts, or if you just put something in to fan a personal flame or grind an axe- there is enough pettiness in the world, I don't need it here. As I am learning about the blog-o-sphere, I will learn how to control who, what, when, and how things get posted. So please be respectful of others' views. Now I am not saying you have to agree with everything posted, and I am sure that many of us will have very widely and drastically differing points of view- that is to be expected, but be respectful with your responses; your point of view is just as valid as anyone else's.

As to the reason I am doing this- to leave Facebook. I realize that I may have a digital addiction and this may be only a substitute, even a temporary substitute, but I need to step away from that scene. Although, and this is the ironic part, I will be linking from FB to this site, I will be slowly severing my ties with that media. I will still have a presence there, mind you, as I do not know how to generate traffic to this site, yet, but look for my snappy wit and cat-like reflexes to be displayed here.

This is going to conclude my first entry and introduction to this blog. I am going to link this blog from my FB page, as I said above, and I look forward to seeing your comments here. So, bring your wit, your A-game and your tolerance; this is going to be fun!


  1. This is going to be a test post. No comments necessary, but if you feel the need...

  2. Looking forward to (and a little scared) of getting a peek into your mind ;-)

  3. Taking a look into my mind is going to be a new experience for me, too. That is the main reason I invited so many witness and travel guides!!